Here We Go…

So we decided to try our hand at actually performing what we’ve been sitting around talking about for the past year! Instead of just drinking/discussing other folks’ beer and dreaming about opening a microbrewery, it occured to us that maybe we should begin brewing our own real beer. Afterall, if it’s a brewery you want to open up, it’s a good idea to be good at what you do, and moreso, have a flawless product!

Well, good news. We’ve got it after one batch! Flawless beer… and, im full of it of course… hmmm…

We figured an IPA would be a decent brew to start with just to get a feel for the process. We also figured using an extract kit would be a better starting point rather than using grain. (i dont think we give ourselves enough credit sometimes). It turned out to be a straight-foward process, pretty simple.


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