Today we kegged our first batch of brew: the “America’s Best” extract-kit IPA. Whilst I’m not totally confident it’s actually America’s best, it’s the only one we’ve got so far, so I reckon it’s our best. Scary…anyway: kegging went well. Basically, since we have a pretty cool setup in our basement, once we racked the beer into the keg, force-carbonating it with our CO2 tank was easy.


Just crank it up to 30psi, shake the keg for 20mins or so, and the beer’s carbonated, although rather warm. Thirty pounds might be too much…we just really really want to try it tonight as we grill out!

Plans for tomorrow include:

Transferring last week’s oatmeal porter to the secondary fermenter.

Brewing our next all grain batch, a brown ale. This is our second attempt at an all grain brew, however; this will be our first attempt at developing our own recipe!

Fortunately it’s gonna be balls cold tomorrow, so there’s probably no excuse for Steve to remove his shirt.


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