Crew Heads to MNB

This past Monday we ventured ITP (inside the Perimeter..for non-Atlantans, this is a highway that the denizens of Atlanta like to snootily declare they never socialize outside of) to Monday Night Brewery. Jamie has a friend, Todd, who is always really interested to hear about entrepreneurial ventures– after Jamie told him about the microbrewery idea he told Jamie of a mutual acquaintance that was doing something similar. A little crafty google searching and Jamie discovered Monday Night Brewery’s blog. These guys brew every Monday evening with plans to start their own microbrewery in the next couple years. Through their blog they encourage those in the area to come along to their brewing sessions and sample their beers (They have their own recipes! And clever names! And brilliant labels!). So on possibly the coldest Monday of this winter, we decided to check it out.

That night they were brewing their oatmeal stout and drinking their IPA, to which they generously offered us all a glass. We all agreed that it was delicious. Since I am not capable of writing a beer review without embarrassing myself (on closer thought, there is not much I am capable of without embarrassing myself), instead I will offer a one-sentence appraisal that Chris and Jamie pre-approved: “It had a nice hop aroma without being overly bitter.” I think I’ve just had a stroke of genius, from now on my beer reviews will be characterized by their one-sentencedness.

In addition to sampling their IPA, Jamie, Chris, and Steve got to check out their set-up and learn some tricks of the trade. I think they had a little gadget-envy over their beer gun and counterflow chiller. Jonathan and Jeff were really welcoming and interesting and we look forward to our next trip to Monday Night Brewery!


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