A Recipe to Call Our Own

This past Sunday, the guys decided to try out their own IPA recipe. Chris reviewed some recipes and brewing schedules to compile something that he thought would work for them. They went for an American-style IPA (which has been explained to me as “more medium-bodied and a bit darker” than its British counterpart) that will hopefully have a citrusy finish due to the combination of hops chosen. The brewing went as planned with two delightful improvements on previous weeks. Delightful improvement the first: when draining the mash, the grain bed set really well—probably from using more water in the mash. Delightful improvement the second: they had an original gravity of 1.062 and the beer is expected to have around 64 IBUs which is right on target for this beer style.

Garrett, Courtney and Whitney also came around to check out the brewing and were duly impressed, at least that’s what I took the expressions on their faces to portray–there was no exit poll.

I asked if there was anything else of note to write about this week and this is where I’ve saved the best for last:

They switched to StarSan sanitizer after hearing a recommendation on Basic Brewing Radio.

It’s been a pleasure to recap this week.


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