These Things Come in Threes

Well, we have our first, and second, real problems (that we know of). It seems that GW doesn’t like me thinking about beer instead of the State of the Union. First off, it looks like Jamie left the yeast vial out for too long yesterday while we brewed our IPA 2.0…8 hours may have been a bit much; as of 5pm today, we hadn’t had any real activity from the fermenter. Being resourceful as we are, and thanks to Wikipedia (the jury’s still out on whether or not this is about to be total BS) we learned that baker’s yeast can be used in a pinch to get things going?! You’ll see a lot of interrobangs from me. Actually, we were too lazy to make the 45-min drive to Alpharetta to pick up a new vial of brewer’s yeast, so we’re gonna close our eyes and



Second(ary). There was a scary sight in the (second)ary fermenter tonight. We transferred our pitch-black brown ale into secondary fermentation last night and today had what appeared to be mold forming on the surface. We’re trying to figure out where we went wrong, and hoping, more than anything else, that they are just really weird-looking bubbles from the yeast still keeping up their end of the bargain…

What’s next?!


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