My beautiful welds are rusting, again…WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME


4 thoughts on “AAAAHHH!!!

  1. Dearest pretentious brew dork! Is your plan to sell beer or teach English? I’ve read your blog consisting of your thesauraus ladden post entries. I can’t tell if I’m reading a “Dawson’s Creek” script, or something about some guys (and one really hot chick) just wanting to brew some suds. You guys are obviously smart, just write some interesting stuff and quit with all the word salad rhetoric.

  2. Crap. We keep forgetting to upload the vocab lesson plans we prepare for our readers…sorry. Check out our other site though: I think they’re there. Actually, I hope that people have stopped reading this comment already and are out VOTING!

  3. Can’t we all just get along? And for you Cameron B. send us an email. Tell us who you are. Then maybe if you are really lucky we’ll ask you to stop by for a beer one Sunday Evening. Maybe.

  4. Looky, we all talk Englich real good, and brew even beter beer. beer makes me happy. beer is reel delisious’. beer makes me type like this…

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