Do the Brew, part 3

– Chris


Our third act, which ought to bring you up to speed on what we use to brew our beer. In part two I described the welding process and we ended up with three slightly different vessels: a hot liquor (aka hot water) tank, a mashtun, and a brew kettle, each with the necessary outlets/bulkheads to move ingredients from one to the other. From here, the only thing left to do to complete our creation, at least so far, is mount the valves that control the flow of water, wort, and beer! We’ve still gotta put in those sight gauges, once we get all the parts…seems that they didn’t quite come complete. I also think we could stand to have a nice thermometer in each vessel, but they’re not necessary right now.

So yeah, once the fabrication is done, it’s mainly a process of screwing everything into the bulkheads. We’ve got a brass (much cheaper than stainless) valve on the hot liquor tank to control water flow into our mashtun, and we screw in either a plastic tube to do the initial fill or the sparging wand to complete the mashing process. From there, our false bottom screws into the bulkhead in the mashtun, which connects to a stainless steel valve to control wort flow into our brew kettle. Stainless was used at this point rather than brass so as not to introduce any off-flavors into the wort. We’ve just recently added a stainless valve to the kettle as well, but can’t really use it until we figure out a way to filter the hops away from it while draining. Illustrated, respectively:


As you can see below, we’ve got a couple of propane turkey fryer burners set up to do the heating and boiling, and that metal stand-looking-thing that we set the hot liquor tank on (and sometimes, when the tank isn’t hot enough, a burner as well…scary) is a scrap bit of some stainless contraption from Jamie’s water plant:


What we’re left with, then, is some jainky interpretation of a Brewtree system, albeit one that requires a lot of lifting and transferring and yelling and back pain. I guess it’s really not like a tree at all, but maybe rather like a shrubbery. Or some weeds. Jamie’s right, by the way…I want that Sabco system.


One thought on “Do the Brew, part 3

  1. Well done, sirs! I enjoy the updates and have enjoyed the beer I’ve tasted thus far. The pictures look excellent as well. I also enjoy the sporadic comments from the mysterious “Cameron B.”. Especially the remarks that everything is too wordy and smart. Huh?

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