Back at it

– Chris

So, I know we haven’t really been posting much lately, as a confluence of other writings (business plan, completely) and the typically Georgian good/bad/decent/terrible/awesome/wtf weather cycle this time of year hampered our brewing motivation. So, that said, I have few updates on our brewing; last Sunday was our first since we started this thing that we didn’t brew.

We got our business plan to about 95% though, which was quite an undertaking but we feel pretty good about it right now, from both a content and goals perspective. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but we’re getting there. We met with a guy from the KSU SBDC (see last post for acronym info) yesterday morning, and we began a walk through our plan with him. The SBDC is around, at least in part, to help in the formation and refinement of startup businesses, and it is proving to be a very valuable resource in our planning. They can help in gathering statistics and other data for our industry, honing our financial projections, and generally giving us a more accurate picture of what we’re getting into in starting a craft brewery. We’ve set up a string of return meetings throughout the spring, each with individual milestones for our business plan…I’m sure we’ll have more on that later. As for now, I can’t stress enough how important it is to let an outside party, like the SBDC, examine our plans. Doing this helps keep us grounded in reality, and points out strengths and weaknesses in our business plan that we might not otherwise see.


Now, we did do some beer stuff this past Saturday, including, from left to right, racking last week’s extract batch of “Old Peculier” clone to a secondary fermenter, kegging IPA 2.1 (the one with brewer’s yeast in it) and bottling both of our wheat beer variants. The wheats are a little rough around the edges right now, but hopefully will smooth out with six weeks aging or so. The good news is that the IPA tastes pretty darn good, nice and clean, but with a fruity finish. Exactly what we were going for! I think our closer attention to sanitation lately along with better temperature control is really helping with this. Maybe strangely, IPA 2.1 has the same final gravity of 1.013 as IPA 2.0, even with the different yeast. I won’t complain.

Also, we still thought Saturday that we’d have time to brew on Sunday, so we went to the beer store and got enough ingredients for three new five gallon runs: a new attempt at an American Pale Ale, a revisit with Oatmeal Stout, and something brown-ish that Steve came up with on the spot that is supposed to involve honey, but who knows. We’re going to try and get all three brewed up by this coming Monday, !!!

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