– Chris

Saturday’s party was a nice change of pace…we had a bit of a different crowd over than usual, which meant new folks to try our beer! And did they like it? Yes, they did. So much so that we got a wedding request:


That’s Brad and Candace, and they’re getting married in October. They need enough beer on tap for 300 people…about 100 gallons!…and they asked us to brew it. Our plan probably is gonna be to brew up two recipes, a wheat beer and something else–maybe something more festive for the season.

As for the status of our other brews, the oatmeal stout is delicious this time around. Silky smooth with a coffee finish. Absolutely. The ESB? Well, apparently I hadn’t done a very good job of carbonating it in the keg; it was still kind of flat. But we’ll fix that today, or more likely, tomorrow, along with some other transferring and kegging and whatnot.

Why the delay, you ask? Because tonight is opening night in the ATL for the Braves! Squaring off against the Pirates, and Glavine’s back in town, starting for us! This equals a) attempting to beat traffic by leaving for the game at four o’clock but probably sitting in it anyway, b) tailgating in a parking lot that is really far from the stadium probably, and c) the stadium being ridiculously crowded. It also means a night of Anheuser-Busch lager beer in the park, but hey, I can dig it. Not gonna lie…a Bud Heavy pairs really well with this much America.



– Chris

Seeing as we haven’t posted in a few days, it would be nice to tell you about our brew day tomorrow and invite any and all who may want to attend. But, I can’t do that, because we’ve decided not to brew tomorrow. The reasoning? Well, it’s mainly because of this man:


His name is Andy. He is our friend, and we’re throwing him a birthday party at the house tonight. And no, he’s not a male stripper. But that is his real hair. As such, we don’t really have enough time to go to the beer store today to buy ingredients, and even if we did, I don’t fully have the second version of our American Pale recipe ready to go. That is to say, it’s not ready to go at all. Blerg.

One-Sentence Beer Review #2

– Eileen

Beer that I didn’t pay for tastes better (and freer, the unemployment saga continues). But, a few Saturdays ago I was feeling heavy in the pocket since Mr. Ed had given me $128 in quarters, nickels and dimes that were gathering in his room. So I went to Total Wine and, with Jamie’s help, picked out six beers. I cracked into the Shiner Hefeweizen the next day and was so disappointed! And true to form, when disappointed or angry or bossy I don’t be quiet! I carry on! This beer! Is the worst beer ever! It’s so gross! But I can’t stop drinking it because I paid $2 for it! Come try this beer! It’s so awful, right? Can you believe it? Etc.

Come to find out the beer was meant to be consumed last November (worded something tricky like “consume by the 315th day of 2007.” So on one hand, this is bad–I bought expired beer. But on the other hand, my beer palate is sophisticatin’! I know when beer is crappy and I’ve got the evidence to back it up.

Obvs, this wasn’t one sentence. How can I settle for one sentence to describe a beer now that my mouth is feeling so many different things when I drink a beer?

More soon from Auld Reekie and the Big Smoke.


Weekday #3

– Chris

Can’t wait for later today. Super nice weather and lots of beer to transfer! We kegged five gallons of ESB last night to carbonate before it receives the beer gun treatment, and we’ll be kegging the other five to have on tap this afternoon…we got an FG of 1.012 with an ABV of 4.2% out of this cranked-up recipe, and it tastes great! Very clear, with a definite increase in body over the last run, and a clean finish…and that’s flat and at room temperature! I’m excited to taste it again later today. The ESB is gonna be good and is gonna go fast, so come on over on Sunday and get a taste while you can! Actually, it’s not going to go quite so fast, because:

Eileen leaves us today for three weeks. She’s going to visit her homeland, the UK. She’s promised to be our foreign correspondent whilst abroad, so we’ll see…maybe British computers are hip enough to write stuff for us, because the ones around here aren’t.

Um, otherwise, we’ll also transfer the ten gallons of IPA into secondary and do some cleaning on our kegerator today, and I think we’ll work a little on putting together a refined recipe for our American Pale, which will be brewed this coming Sunday. Until next time…

Honoring tradition.

– Chris


I like Old Peculier. I like the name, I like the spelling of the name, I like the wonderfully descriptive characteristics of the name, I like how it’s hard to reproduce, but I also like how much some of our friends enjoyed my attempt at brewing it. That said, I’ve decided to leave any further brewing of this beer to the Brits. It’s not like we slaved away at perfecting our water source or exact hop quantities, but we did get kind of close, at least close to the aura of this legend. Either way, cloning beers is not a direction we need to be looking, and with the possible exception of a mid-week playtime brew session, our focus has to be on our own recipes for a little while. This means more better beer for you, for free! So come on by some time and try us out!