Where do they get these wonderful toys

– Chris

Summer’s coming. You wouldn’t believe that, at all, if you’re in Atlanta today, but yeah, seasonal warmth will soon be upon us. In that spirit, combined with our decision to move up to only ten-gallon batches from here on out, we bought our first wort chiller yesterday:


Ain’t she cute? I call her Coillette. But that’s the first time I’ve called her that. Anyway, she works by hooking up a garden hose to both ends and dropping her into the hot (post-boil) wort. Thusly, she’s known as an immersion chiller. The coil acts as a heat exchanger and the cold water from the hose travels through and carries away the heat from the wort. Not quite sure what we’re going to do with the resultant hot water, but I’ve heard some people fill their washing machine with it. We probably won’t do that. Whatever, she ought to be able to take a kettle of boiling wort down to room temperature with the quickness, easily breaking Steve’s record of 16 minutes in an ice bath last week. No, Steve wasn’t in an ice bath for 16 minutes; he’s still so hot right now. Steve. This, then, is how we’ll chill, ten gallons at a time, from ’93 til infinity.

Jamie thought this was really cool and had to buy it (he’s a lot more fun in stores than I am):


The Blichmann Beer Gun!  You hook it up to a CO2 tank, along with a keg of homebrew, and it cleanly fills bottles with carbonated beer.  This is really exciting to me; test results should be available shortly.  What’s next, you ask?  This.


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