Eventual Eruption

– Chris

Isn’t that one of the names of the new Snoop Dogg song? If not, then it’s definitely the name of what happens when you diss our IPA. IPA 2.1.1, in its current state of evolution, is a very passionate beer that doesn’t like to be neglected. It will TELL YOU when to pay attention to it, by making lots of noise in the fermenter, else it will pitch a fit and this happens:


That’s the ceiling of our office fermentation room. For some reason I thought that we didn’t need blow-off tubes for this round of brewing, or I was lazy, or I couldn’t really tell the difference between them and an airlock by the end of brewing on Sunday night. The airlocks we used stayed tight on the fermenters, with the occasional hiss through the vent holes, so I didn’t notice a problem until BOOM! it’s all over everything in the office. You’d think history would teach us to do otherwise. Oh, this happened too:


Apparently the IPA doesn’t like the uninitiated helping out, because it immediately took out our friend Kit’s shirt when he tried to help us lift the hot brew kettle up on a stand. Melted a hole right through it. He just bought that shirt too.


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