The newbie

– Chris

Amongst a massive relocation of beer that took place earlier this week, our American Pale Ale found its way into a keg. It’s not fully carbonated quite yet, but the initial taste is….not what I expected. I actually expected “bad”, but got instead “good”! Why? Well, primarily because I didn’t know what I was doing when I came up with the recipe, aside from knowing that I was using up all the leftover hops in the fridge. The hop hodgepodge created a much more complex taste than I expected, almost like a (duh Chris?) lighter, less bitter version of our IndiE Pale. It’s very dry, again not as planned, but that probably has something to do with our super-duty yeast strains of late. FG of 1.007, 4.5% ABV. So yeah, it definitely fits the style of other American Pales, and my hopes are to be this successful again on the ten gallon run coming up in a couple of weeks! Oh, and I’ll have to report back when it’s, you know, carbonated and cold.


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