One-Sentence Beer Review #2

– Eileen

Beer that I didn’t pay for tastes better (and freer, the unemployment saga continues). But, a few Saturdays ago I was feeling heavy in the pocket since Mr. Ed had given me $128 in quarters, nickels and dimes that were gathering in his room. So I went to Total Wine and, with Jamie’s help, picked out six beers. I cracked into the Shiner Hefeweizen the next day and was so disappointed! And true to form, when disappointed or angry or bossy I don’t be quiet! I carry on! This beer! Is the worst beer ever! It’s so gross! But I can’t stop drinking it because I paid $2 for it! Come try this beer! It’s so awful, right? Can you believe it? Etc.

Come to find out the beer was meant to be consumed last November (worded something tricky like “consume by the 315th day of 2007.” So on one hand, this is bad–I bought expired beer. But on the other hand, my beer palate is sophisticatin’! I know when beer is crappy and I’ve got the evidence to back it up.

Obvs, this wasn’t one sentence. How can I settle for one sentence to describe a beer now that my mouth is feeling so many different things when I drink a beer?

More soon from Auld Reekie and the Big Smoke.



2 thoughts on “One-Sentence Beer Review #2

  1. hey, I hope you try that Shiner hefe again. This is one of my favorite beers. I think it would be better when it is fresh.

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