[April Fools!] Expansion? Um…maybe not.

– Chris

This is all my fault. I admit it; there you go. I posted yesterday about our friends Brad and Candace and how they’re getting married and they wanted a certain quantity of beer brewed for the wedding. Now, I forgot to mention that Brad’s last name is Carroll, as is Jamie’s (they’re cousins) and the Carroll family is fairly involved with local goings-on in Cobb County. Apparently, so much so that there are some family friends of theirs on the County Commission who’ve taken up reading our blog. Awesome, right? We’ve got local big-wigs interested in our beer! Not so much:


This is how I was greeted as I was leaving for work this morning. It’s a county Tax Assessor’s car, and the county Tax Assessor inside of it was so nice as to issue us an official warning about our beer production volume…a warning that will turn into a cease and desist notice if we continue with our plans to brew 100 gallons of beer without a liquor license. We’ve been informed, therefore, that we will be under close scrutiny for a “prudent and reasonable amount of time”, whatever that means, to make sure we are obeying the law. The law states, if you don’t know, that any one person can brew up to 50 gallons of beer at home per year, with a yearly maximum of 200 gallons per household, free of excise tax. Hence the Tax Assessor car, and not a police car.

Either way, this blog tipped them off, and an as-of-yet unnamed County Commissioner decided it was time to put a swift and thorough halt to our operations. I called roommate Marc’s dad, Larry Lysse, who works for the ATF, to verify the legality of all this and he confirmed that in “non-threatening illicit production” situations, this is usually the procedure. Since we’re not felonious bootleggers I suppose the county figures to quietly and non-actionably resolve the situation in this manner.

What does all this mean for us? Well, we’re gonna have to lay low for a while. No further big-batch brewing. We think we can eek by with 2-gallon batches and still stay within Georgia state law for the rest of the year. This seriously hampers our creative output, but, we’ll manage to make do.


3 thoughts on “[April Fools!] Expansion? Um…maybe not.

  1. alright, if this is a joke than you shouldn’t tug at my heart strings like this. if it’s not a joke, than you haven’t learned your fucking lesson. stop blogging and keep brewing…or blog about not brewing while still doing it. as a proud beer drinker of your beer i will come over and take all your cpus away from you if it comes to not drinking.

  2. Well we should have all known it was an April Fools Joke because if it was reality Chris would not have started the post with “This is all my fault. I admit it; there you go”. Just bustin’ your balls sparky.

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