These days

– Chris


All’s been quiet on the western front since Saturday. This means one thing: it’s time to brew! And no, we’re not gonna skip out this week. Today we will be bottling all ten gallons of our Witbier/Wit Bier/Witbeer alongside doing some other things we were supposed to do last week, like, cleaning out the kegerator. Tomorrow we will go to the beer store. Actually, we’ll probably procrastinate by cleaning tomorrow and going to the beer store Saturday. Whatever, the important part is that Sunday we will brew us up ten gallons (is anyone still believing the last post?) of American Pale v1.5.

We’re starting to build a nice little stockpile of homebrew in the basement, possibly attributable to the absence of Eileen. After today’s bottling session, we’ll have close to fifty gallons ready to go! We can’t drink all of it, so YOU should come and help us. Oh, and speaking of Eileen, her computer crashed yesterday and is gonna be out of service for the short while, so it’s iffy whether or not we’ll see any reports from the Island any time soon…but, in case you feel ill-informed, there’s always this.


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