New Brew from who? The Brewdudes crew that’s who! Phew, when I thought those few were through I was blue, but whoo hoo! they are cool like morning dew!


Words cannot describe how excited I was and AM to get back to brewing! I’ve missed it a ridiculous amount, and it hasn’t even been THAT long. The caressing scent of warm mash, StarSan dripping off everything, alpha acids tickling my very soul! My nostalgia just kicks in and I become all teary-eyed. Listen to me! I sound like a school girl again! A school girl that wants to make sweet sweet beer… So yeah, yesterday was a gorgeous Georgia day, and one definitely fantastic for brewing. 

We decided to brew our wildly popular BelgianWit: Six Wheat Under. This brew is a hazy Belgian wheat beer quite golden in color, yet crisp, light, and soft on the palette. It has scents of banana and clove, and finishes with a lovely, acidic orange tone. It is slightly more carbonated than other brews, but that’s in part what makes it so crisp and refreshing.

It was the second batch we ever brewed of this beer that turned out best. Jamie and I brewed it back in April and entered it into an Alpharetta brewing contest along with several other brews. We received the best comments and feedback on that particular brew, and we love it ourselves.

Using our brand new BeerLab, we set about getting accustomed to brewing on the side of the house and using the garage. I can honestly say it was Ausgescheichnet! Wunderbar! and whatever other German exclamatory I can attempt to spell. Seriously though, it makes brewing, moving, cleaning, etc. all the easier and I love it.

using an ice bath to cool the wort

Overall, we managed and gauged our temps, gravity readings, and levels very well. I think we’ll have outstanding results and can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Unfortunately, we are still having to use carboys for fermenting but hopefully these are the final weeks we’ll have to do that FOREVER! (you’ll find out what I’m talking about in an upcoming post) Carboys suck so bad… 

It’s still a little warm in Georgia for optimal fermentation temps, so we have the AC cranking right next to our babies. If we can keep it around 68-69 we’ll have good results and not have to worry about the problems we were having earlier in the summer.

Remember, we are still brainstorming over a brewery name (at least one a tad bit more functional than 592 or Brewdudes). If you have any ideas, toss a few thisaway and let us know what you think!

Happy brews!


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