2008: A BeerLab Odyssey


I realized after the past few posts that I keep bringing up this new, grand “BeerLab” we have going on without proving that there actually is one. You all think I’m a liar don’t you? Well, I am. There isn’t one. No seriously, there is. It’s just still under construction so it looks like crap. But you just wait. It will be shiny and beautiful, boast of rich mahogany, and be covered with a mural of craft beer posters for inspiration.








 Basically, our goal with the new space is to keep EVERYTHING in one area. We’ve got a new a sink (and by new I mean old with a new faucet), new shelving, and plenty of room. The BeerLab has already proven incredible in preventing back-breaking-up-and-down-the-stairs-with-heavy-objects-risking-falling-down-and-killing-ourselves tasks, and making everything more efficient and time-saving.


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