My Favorite Day of the Week

That day being Sunday, that is! Come over and play with us! Just a short post for this weekend. And lordy what a quick weekend it’s been. And my head hurts… hangover… oww… ugh… burp.

We are brewing a new IPA today. Most of the reason is because we kinda lost the recipe to the first one we brewed. So this one is its own monster. It should be very full with a heavier mouthfeel. It will be a slightly darker amber appearance; maybe almost a dark brick color, and will have a well-rounded, malty first impression before the hops take over in a flurry of floral, fruity ass-kicking goodness!

I’m excited to see how it turns out, and a little anxious. New recipes are always a little scary after all, but I think it’ll be delectable. And shoot, it’ll be beer right?…

So come on over; call us or send us an email if you need directions.


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