Another Saturday Night…


Yup. Sunday morning proved rough for a second week in a row (hence the reason for Sundays post being posted today). They say misery loves company so Sunday, to accompany me was Jamie, who was curled up in the fetal position next to me, and Rob who wasn’t feeling so good either. I tried to nurse them back with Revive Vitamin Water…it was Brutal.

Anyway, I manned-up and rousted the two so we could start brewing our Indie Pale Ale, an American style pale. We originally brewed this recipe as an IPA, but numerous reviews and updated style guidelines convinced us to simply decrease some hoppiness and call it an American Pale.

Brewing proved easy and relaxed with a sixty minute mash and boil. We expect a crisp, light, biscuity brew with floral hop notes in the finish.

Also, by this weekend our Six Wheat Under Belgian Wit should be ready for consumption.


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