A Rather “Stout” Success


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am having a blast on our new-found Wednesday brew nights! Many thanks to more and more of our friends who come visit. I guess we asked for it, but because of the droves of people coming out on Wednesdays we are actually starting to run dangerously low on beer for consumption. To remedy this, Jamie and I are ordering a couple more kegs this afternoon. This will give us room to store 20 more gallons of beer.

Casualties of a Busy Night

Casualties of a Busy Night

The stout we brewed should be awesome! Everything went perfectly with brewing, and should yield exactly what we have in mind! It’ll be a great Christmas-warm-yourself-by the-fire beer. Both ciders are coming along. It takes longer than we thought to age them correctly so we’re having to reluctantly wait for them to be ready. 

Thanks again for coming. See you next week!


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