Some Boring Scientific Stuff No One Wants to Read but I have to Write it Down so I Don’t Forget

With our beer supply basically diminished for a week or so, we figured we had better brew midweek to have another ten gallons ready to go soon. We are brewing the prototype of the American Pale again. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get the same freaking ingredients two times in a row (or at all for that matter) to brew consistent batches. There are always different hops that we used before that aren’t available this time. So frustrating…

On another note, and probably more importantly, we want to try to start using these fermenters to our advantage rather than a hindrance. Currently, we are still forced to transfer from one fermenter to a secondary because we cannot harvest the yeast from the wort. This defeats the purpose of us getting the damn things! I will say that the fermenters are awesome other than this, but it definitely makes my blood boil. 

Our plans (thoughts) are this: Ferment wort as usual. We will monitor the FG for say 7 to 10 ten days. Hopefully it’ll reach the number and we can then use our fridge downstairs to house and chill the fermenter and have the yeast flocculate as much as possible (thus solving clarity issues). We can then condition in the new corny kegs that just arrived and then make a slurry from the cooled fermenter. Since we use the same yeast in several brews, it will be ready to pitch within days of harvesting. We are hoping that, in harvesting the yeast, we will maintain millions more yeasties that will be ready for their job that we can simply feed instead of having to create starters that do not seem to yield the numbers of yeast needed to attenuate fully. It appears we are attenuating somewhere around 65% and we HAVE to get it to 70%+. I think we’re onto something good though…


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