Thermometers: Friend or Foe?

FOE!!! Well, they are if you’re in my shoes. Right now, I hate everything that has to do with temperature. 

We bought a new thermometer with our supplies the other day. Something new and shiny and could tell us the “correct” temperature. Uhhhh… so what is the correct temperature? Right. So we mash in, and between two thermometers there was 14 degrees difference! 14 degrees. Needless to say, we were astounded, worried, and pissed all at the same time. Which one is right? What have we been basing our brewing on for the past 11 months? Holy crap.

Apparently, thermometers are relative just like everything else in this stupid world. What’s one temp for someone, isn’t for another. Kiss my ass relativity… So we have to calibrate EVERY thermometer we own. Like, 14 of ’em. Let’s get started, I guess.

For any body else out there who hasn’t had the pleasure of this atrocity, be fore-warned by three guys who graduated from college that thermometer manufacturers make products that need to be fixed before you use them!

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