Deep Thoughts

Im gonna jot down some questions/thoughts each day that rattle around in my mind grapes then see if i can sift through them myself/get them answered by fellow bloggers/readers. (too many slashes?)
1. We have great beer that we enjoy ourselves, but what’s the difference between giving beer away to friends each week and finding a marketable, unique beer that people will want to buy? When and where is the line that determines what beer would actually be sold rather than donated?
My first thought is, we have to take it out places: go somewhere we don’t know and they don’t know us, have them try the beer on an unbiased basis, and get the real perception. Not that our friends and visitors are sugar-coating or just trying not to hurt our feelings, we simply need affirmation from a business source; someone willing to invest in our product because they believe it will sell. When it comes to money, a lot of things change, right?
2. What about developing unique brews that stand out, that folks don’t see much? Something like Leinenkugel that someone says, “Oooh yeah, get that one. I can’t even pronounce it, but it tastes like Fruity Pebbles.” Do we want something on the edge or try to make it taste like everything already out there? I mean, flagship some beers, sure, but at some point you gotta sock ’em with something they’ve never seen. Something they remember you’re name for… even if they can’t pronounce it…



A Wednesday Night Success

Unbelievable turnout last night!! It may have been a record, to tell you the truth we have so many people showing up now it’s hard to keep count. Thanks again for coming by, tasting our beer and offering your support. This is what it’s all about, sharing OUR beer with you and your friends. We ran out last night so try to get here early next time. Remember this is a tasting event to showcase our beers so please save the Bud Light and Vodka for your weekend parties! Thanks again and see you next week!



The new, bigger starters seem to be working much better recently. Our attenuation is improving to within two points of the predicted levels, and everything has had promising consistency and results.
One thing I’m interested to see is when we harvest and use our yeast slurries from previous batches, if the huge increase in yeast cell numbers will aid in dropping the attenuation a bit more.
With the weather and the temperatures fluctuating so much, we’ve had a little trouble in keeping the room at the same temp, but once we insulate it should help.

Our New Sparging Process…?

Last Wednesday was our greatest turnout of visitors yet, we had over sixty show up to taste our beer! Granted, it was the night before Thanksgiving which is a huge party night anyway, but I would like to think folks were coming to see us regardless! Unfortunately, our dwindling supply of beer was shot within an hour so many friends who came brought a craftily- brewed sixer with them to keep the festivities going.

We brewed the Wit again in order to stock up on our supplies for the Christmas Party. We should have at least 5 gallons of each: Pale, IPA, Wit, and Stout to enjoy for the party. The rest, I’m sure, will be consumed at the two tastings on Wednesdays prior.

Oh! I almost forgot about expounding on the title so fashionably displayed at the top…

img_01571BOOM! So, Wednesday night was pretty cold and both Rob and myself wussed out when it came to cleaning the brew kettle. A couple of brews in made it seem like a lovely idea to grace Jamie’s shower with it instead! Now, Jamie, waking up late the next morning, turning the water on without seeing the keg, and then being forced to carry the half-full kettle into the freezing outdoors in just his boxers didn’t make our TomFoolery quite as jovial… Heeheeeheee…