Deep Thoughts

Im gonna jot down some questions/thoughts each day that rattle around in my mind grapes then see if i can sift through them myself/get them answered by fellow bloggers/readers. (too many slashes?)
1. We have great beer that we enjoy ourselves, but what’s the difference between giving beer away to friends each week and finding a marketable, unique beer that people will want to buy? When and where is the line that determines what beer would actually be sold rather than donated?
My first thought is, we have to take it out places: go somewhere we don’t know and they don’t know us, have them try the beer on an unbiased basis, and get the real perception. Not that our friends and visitors are sugar-coating or just trying not to hurt our feelings, we simply need affirmation from a business source; someone willing to invest in our product because they believe it will sell. When it comes to money, a lot of things change, right?
2. What about developing unique brews that stand out, that folks don’t see much? Something like Leinenkugel that someone says, “Oooh yeah, get that one. I can’t even pronounce it, but it tastes like Fruity Pebbles.” Do we want something on the edge or try to make it taste like everything already out there? I mean, flagship some beers, sure, but at some point you gotta sock ’em with something they’ve never seen. Something they remember you’re name for… even if they can’t pronounce it…



3 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. Random response here.

    I’d refer you to an example of a brewery that’s doing just-off-the-wall-enough brews up in the (currently white) PNW: Between the Pandan Brown the Mango Weizen I’m surprised when I DON’T see their taphandles in a lot of my regular ale-oriented haunts as well as the Asian-fusion “we serve spring rolls–with a twist!” joints around town. My first thought was “gimmicky” but they’re really enjoyable brews. And they’re selling. Like the crazy that they are.

    Just a thought.

  2. I came across a brewery about a year ago that I have a strong affection for, Devil’s Canyon. They’re almost playing a supply and demand game with me. They do not bottle their beer so the only place you can get it is local restaurants and bars. It’s glorious on tap and I can’t tell if the reason I like it so much is because I can’t just buy a six pack of it. You should see if you guys can give a keg to Taco Mac and just talk to local beer drinkers all day while it’s served to them…free or not it’s probably more accurate than marc’s feedback. (no offense marc)

  3. Thanks guys for the responses! Those were exactly what I was looking for! I like the idea of taking our beer to some place like TMac and having them serve some to regulars and see what they genuinely think without us being around or in our own brewery environment where they may feel pressured somehow.
    The Off-the-Wall brews I think are very fun, fresh, and almost a necessity! If there is an opportunity to make an incredible beer (with peach in a Wit, perhaps?) that defines more of who we are rather than the normal pale and IPA brewery, why not right?!

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