updates from the front line

Looks like it’s been a while since I posted anything… Blerg. Sorry! I guess the weather, short days, economy, and my receding hairline have really put a damper on the mood.

In discussion the past couple of weeks, we have figured out that brewing every other week is perfect for us and the tastings. The “in-between” weeks will be used for experimental brews when possible and catching up on LOST. (you think I’m joking…)

Anyway, I’m using this week to brew a different Pale recipe I’ve worked on a couple of days. It’s actually a Rye Pale that should be light and crisp with a subtle hop spice and plenty of aroma. If all goes according to plan, it may be a very good spring recipe that everyone of all beer tastes should enjoy. 

There’s no tasting this week but the following week will be good to go and we’ll be brewing the Belgian-style Wit! I promise I’ll try to post more (with pictures) and follow up on results for the Rye brew.

Until then enjoy these pictures of Rob and I doing some cleaning…





Just letting everyone know that we are still brewing/tasting tonight around 7:30! Good Ole Georgia weather has once again taken a nosedive and it is supposed to be downright cold tonight! Ummmm… so, wear clothes… And lots of ’em! We’ll have a fire right outside the brewlab and some brews to keep you warm on the inside!
Contact us if ya need!

No Brewing Tonight

-Steve Wags
The Travel Bug and the Sick Monsters have been plaguing us the past week. Jamie is just now starting to recover from his urinary tract infection- er wait. no… upper respiratory infection, that’s the one! Sorry Jamie…
I was away for five days and have just now gotten caught up with laundry, showering, and Christmas decorations. Decorations are only cool till it’s time for them to come down, right?
Anyway, we’re using today and tomorrow to catch up on beer to-dos so we have beer ready to drink within the next week. We’ll have IPA, stout, and everyone’s favorite Belgian Wit. I’ll post shortly to let you know for the next tasting!