An Unexpected (well, to me at least) Wednesday Visit

Apologies that this post is a couple days late, I’ve been busy dammit!  But anyway, we had the pleasure of having one of our good friends, Doug,  in town from Cali last Wednesday night. Doug is our west-coast amigo (and, like, one of two people who comment on the blog) who from time to time enjoys a couple of our brews- at least that’s what he tells us!  So, needless to say,  Wednesday evening ended up being a “guerrilla tasting party” when a group of our best buddies converged on the beer cave to see Duggie.  It was truly a good time,and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!Doug and SteveDoug tries real hard to pour a beer

Supplementary to the main subject of the post is news on the Rye Pale.  It ended up being just slightly high in FG so, unfortunately it was still a little sweet from the unconverted sugars.  Also, and somewhat oddly, I had kegged and carbonated it as usual and according to our carbonation chart, but for some reason enough CO2 did not absorb into the beer. Pretty frustrating considering the recipe is on the right track and the carbonation level would have made it all the better.  I wonder if the temperature of the beer during the carbonation process made it slower or less effective?



Guinness Teaches Us Life Lessons

Fergal Foto at FadoI posted the other day that we had a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Guinness’ Brewmaster, Mr. Fergal Murray, this past Monday. (twice because we saw him again that night at the Perfect Pour, heh heh…) It was an unforgettable experience and we learned A LOT about Guinness and the man behind the stout! We learned…

1. Fergal is the freakin’ coolest name ever.

2. (Quickly) how to properly enjoy a Guinness. I cannot divulge in writing because it is a rather fun and amusing experience that must be shared while drinking the beer!

3. That Fergal has the most pimp job in the world: It consists of traveling the world talking about Guinness and how and why everyone should love it! He gets to judge beer contests and watch soccer in the middle of the afternoon.

4. That girls don’t have an excuse not to drink Guinness. It’s relatively low in alcohol, lacks in high calories, and has very little carbonation (doesn’t make you gassy/burpy/farty). It tastes like coffee so if a girl enjoys coffee, she can’t say about Guinness, “eewwwwah. it doesn’t taste goodah.” BOOM.

5. And to wrap it up, Jamie and I are going to Ireland later this year, and if any other lads or lassies want to come along, yer mere than welcome te! (that’s right, spelled-out Irish accent)



Perfect Pour

Today has been a great day! Jamie, rob, and myself had the great honor of meeting the Guinness brewmaster! (more to follow on that fantastic experience in a bit)
But for now, there is a perfect pint pouring contest tonight at the Taco Mac at Lindberg. Try to come out and witness flawless beer, raw competitive emotion, and plain ol’ fashioned fun!


Takin it back to the old school, cause I’m an old fool, who’s so cool

And that’s how Jamie and I roll. We took it back to a Sunday brew. Since Wednesday was so cold, we decided to take advantage of the perfect weather yesterday and brew a batch of Wit. We got started a bit early for a Sunday, like 8 o’clock early, but that’s what it takes! Hard work, determination, sacrifice, and not drinking the night before…

Everything went perfectly as we’re starting to dial in every time now on the wit. It’s just like clockwork… I would like to try a little something extra in the wit sometime. A little hint of fruit maybe. Just to zest it up every once in a while.

One thing we want to do (if it works) is oxygenate the wort as we transfer it into the fermenter. Jamie had the idea of building a T into the beer line and hooking the O2 up to it as the wort flows past. Pretty awesome idea. Now we’ll just see if we can make it work without blowing everything up.


Wednesday Evening


And, yes, that IS nothing but a ball of wasabi... hey man, I'm kickass

We had great time with everyone who showed up last night for the tasting. The invite was very much last minute and we thought no one would show– so, like any right- minded person (or left-minded in my case) who invited people over would do, we left and went to eat sushi– only to return to the house as people started to arrive. To much supprise we managed to draw an awesome crowd and kill a couple of the Corneys in the process. 

Also, special thanks to a new-found-brewer friend ITP (inside the perimeter) Jamie, who, in spite of an Andrew Bird concert, ventured up to marietta to check out our brews.  Jamie and his brewing counterpart Ben can be found here: Its not about the Beer.  Can’t wait to try the brew from East Atlanta!

If the weather cooperates, we will try our damnedest to have another tasting next week. Updates to follow. Cheers!