Wednesday Evening


And, yes, that IS nothing but a ball of wasabi... hey man, I'm kickass

We had great time with everyone who showed up last night for the tasting. The invite was very much last minute and we thought no one would show– so, like any right- minded person (or left-minded in my case) who invited people over would do, we left and went to eat sushi– only to return to the house as people started to arrive. To much supprise we managed to draw an awesome crowd and kill a couple of the Corneys in the process. 

Also, special thanks to a new-found-brewer friend ITP (inside the perimeter) Jamie, who, in spite of an Andrew Bird concert, ventured up to marietta to check out our brews.  Jamie and his brewing counterpart Ben can be found here: Its not about the Beer.  Can’t wait to try the brew from East Atlanta!

If the weather cooperates, we will try our damnedest to have another tasting next week. Updates to follow. Cheers!


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