An Unexpected (well, to me at least) Wednesday Visit

Apologies that this post is a couple days late, I’ve been busy dammit!  But anyway, we had the pleasure of having one of our good friends, Doug,  in town from Cali last Wednesday night. Doug is our west-coast amigo (and, like, one of two people who comment on the blog) who from time to time enjoys a couple of our brews- at least that’s what he tells us!  So, needless to say,  Wednesday evening ended up being a “guerrilla tasting party” when a group of our best buddies converged on the beer cave to see Duggie.  It was truly a good time,and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!Doug and SteveDoug tries real hard to pour a beer

Supplementary to the main subject of the post is news on the Rye Pale.  It ended up being just slightly high in FG so, unfortunately it was still a little sweet from the unconverted sugars.  Also, and somewhat oddly, I had kegged and carbonated it as usual and according to our carbonation chart, but for some reason enough CO2 did not absorb into the beer. Pretty frustrating considering the recipe is on the right track and the carbonation level would have made it all the better.  I wonder if the temperature of the beer during the carbonation process made it slower or less effective?



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