The Brew Lab, Underwater Edition

Brewing / Tasting for tomorrow is off! Due to the recent floods, our brew lab was submerged for a brief period of time. No need to worry though, the beer is fine. We resume normal operating hours once the sun comes back..

Slip n' SlideThe Driveway at 592



The Sweet Taste of Success


The Atlanta Journal Constitution published an interesting article the other day on Sweetwater‘s recent success as a Craft Brewery in Atlanta. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve most likely tried some of their brews for yourself. The article goes on to state that Sweetwater is the 29th nationally for sales volume. This could potentially be really good for brewers and breweries in Georgia. With Sweetwater drumming up all that revenue and supporting local economy, we may start to see some of the ridiculous anti-beer laws in Georgia finally being changed. We’ll see what the future holds…

I personally really enjoy most of the beers Sweetwater produces and suggest that you go try some if you haven’t already. I hope that one day our little brewery can make it this big!


Swimmingly Perfect

Despite the torrential downpour today, we brewed up our Oatmeal Stout. Thanks again to Neal and the gang plus TAYLOR and Ed for weathering the storm and showing up to brew night sans beer. I’d also like to point out that David showed up and expressed interest in brewing, we made him clean a lot… but you’ve got to start somewhere. After we took our original gravity, we thought we were going to wind up with a pretty big beer (aka… it’ll get you drunk), but we only missed our OG by 2 points. For those who couldn’t make it, I snapped a few photos with my iPhone. See below…  I’d also like to mention that we are on track for having 10 gallons of Wit ready for next Wednesday! Check back often for updates on our progress on brewing and starting a craft brewery in Kennesaw. We wouldn’t be where we are now without all of our fans support!

Stevie Money


We also fixed the kegerator! Happy brewing everyone!

Fixing things




Insert Clever Title Here

Let me start by apologizing to all of our followers. We will not have beer this Wednesday and I know that I promised beer for the masses in my last post. We have had a slew of problems and fixes between last brew night and this upcoming brew night. First, we discovered our trusty kegerator stopped working. The fan that blows the cold air produced by the coils froze up on us. So we ordered a new one which will be in Wednesday, hopefully. Next, we had to find an alternative way to lager the Oktoberfest we brewed up two Friday’s ago. Jamie and I finally stepped it up and bought a two stage digital thermostat that will regulate our brewdudes refrigerator. Lastly, we decided to age our Wit for a week before we serve it to our fans. So next Wednesday will be the day for everyone to come out, for real this time. Now, for the folks that don’t like to read about my boring rants on all the hard work that goes into brewing up a brewery, here are some pictures for y’all to look at 🙂

Broken Kegerator

Two-Stage Flux Capacitor Doo-Dad




Wednesday Night Brewing Success! (sans beer)

Brew Night 09-09-09

The weather held out and we were able to brew up our new and improved IPA. Our new recipe has over 30 pounds of grain and close to a pound of hops. This one should be a drastic difference from our old recipe. Even with a massive grain bill stacked against us, we were able to do the impossible and not boil over despite having 14.84 gallons of wort in the kettle… and we have proof.


Thanks to Neal and his gang for coming out in support and bringing his refractometer to test out. I have to say though, you can’t go wrong with the trusty hydrometer… I would also like to thank Tyler for stepping up to the plate and purchasing a case of finely crafted ales for us to try from Total Wine.