Playing Catch Up…

Once again our busy schedules have gotten the best of us. I apologize for such a late follow up from last Wednesday, we had some friends in town for the last hoorah of the season. Thanks for all of the support though, we hope you all enjoyed our Wit and Terry’s nut brown.

I promise the next posts will have pictures, I keep getting distracted at the house and have to resort to posting from my iPhone…

We will be brewing this Wednesday! We are going to try a new IPA recipe. As the title of this post says, we are playing catch up right now and have no beer for you to drink. Don’t let that stop you from coming out though. We love the support and would love to talk about various craft beers as we brew. So if you can make it, be sure to bring your favorite craft beer. Please, no cheap domestic lagers. Save that for Saturday football. We will have more brew by next Wednesday and an octoberfest that’ll be ready Mid October.

Also, our friend Neal mentioned he might bring over his refracometer. Should be a neat instrument to try out. See ya’ll Wednesday!


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