Wednesday 10/7: Rye Not?

It’s definitely been an interesting beginning to our brewing season already! We have had more weird circumstances, mostly outside of brewing thankfully, to date than we normally do for several months at a time. It seems, however, the figurative clouds are lifting (it better cause I’m running out of dry shoes) and we’ll be full- force into brewage!

We have planned for this coming Wednesday a brew night AND- wait for it… wait for it… beer tasting!!! That’s right. We’ve stocked our coffers with enough golden brew to finally supply a tasting. We will be concocting oncephoto again the Rye Pale Ale which has proven to be a pleasantly balanced and a delightfully drinkable American Pale.

Please come by the brew lab anytime after 7 or so and kick it with us for a bit. You’ll get to see the homebrewing process and enjoy the reward of much hard work that goes into it. Don’t hesitate to email or call with questions or directions. Cheers!