The goal is to open our own microbrewery, hopefully sometime in the near future. As of January 08, we are working out our business plan, learning about the microbrewery industry, and brewing different beers every week.

Jamie About picJamie is the CEO of Fontis Water (..”comes from our own natural source located deep within protected areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll agree that the purest, best tasting water in the country is found right here”), a bottled water company headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. In addition to Fontis, Jamie spends his time vehemently denying that he is part of a pyramid scheme (“It’s a STREAMLINE NOT A PYRAMID!”), home improvement projects, entertaining friends, and travel. Jamie has been interested in home brewing for about six years now and so he is super excited that this is getting off the ground. Jamie’s favorite beer is an IPA. Eileen likes Jamie because he looks like Boris Johnson and he isn’t afraid to spend money on expensive things.

Christian About pictureChris is a project manager for a home builder in Marietta, Georgia. This is apparently not a full-time job as it afforded him the time to spend a month driving across this great country (Chris, “Not just across, but diagonally.”) this past fall, amazing pictures available here. This job also makes him no stranger to long lunches and afternoon coffee breaks. Chris knows all there is to know about electronics, cars and the 80’s. He wrote an impassioned declaration of his preference for Blu-Ray over HD-DVD that was met with critical acclaim..by our nerdy, tech-obsessed friends (UPDATE: and he was right!!!!) Chris’s favorite beer is either St. Bernardus “Prior 8” or anything that comes out of Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery. Eileen likes Chris because he can fix anything that she can break.

Steve About picSteve is a pro shop assistant at Cobblestone Golf Course in Acworth, Georgia. Steve is the drummer for XXXCalibur, to the delight of many girls and Moms. Steve brings Rebel, the “mash-cot”, a beagle with doppler radar ears who gets harassed to no end after everyone’s had two beers. Steve enjoys music, travel, and just about any sport. Steve supports the Dallas Cowboys, which just goes to show what we’ll overlook in the name of friendship. Steve has conquered the best part of metro Atlanta with the unforgettable, “Hey baby, do you want to sleep under the stars tonight?” Steve’s favorite beer is the Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale. Eileen likes Steve because he plays the drums.

Rob is insurance underwriter for ACE USA, a global property and casualty insurer.  Rob has just become the proud father of a beautiful baby pit bull named Jovee (we love our dogs).  He also loves corny jokes, corny t.v. shows, but most of all corny movies.  Rob shares the passion of brewing and drinking quality beer with his fellow brew dudes.  He is also very appreciative that Jamie and Steve have invited him to be the newest member of the Brewdudes!  (Little known fact: Rob and Jamie were actually the first to envision and start work on what has transpired and what will become the greatest brewery in the world!)


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