Name that Brewery (or our brewery anyways)

I think most of you know by now that we hope to one day soon open a full scale production brewery in Kennesaw. But before we can do that we need a name, a real name that is. One that we can put on the door and on the bottles of beer and on the boxes and the caps and…I think you get the picture.

That’s where you come in. We need your help coming up with a name and we decided that we would throw a little contest to get you motivated. Send us your ideas and If we pick your name we will throw a beer party just for you and your friends. So come on, put on your thinking caps and don’t be scared to send us any and all of the creative BREWERY names you can come up with. Who knows, we just might pick yours.

Jamie & Rob

Oh yeah send your ideas here


A peak behind the curtain

After walking around a stack of boxes filled with bottles in the middle of the garage for nearly a year, we decided to finally do something about it.  If you have ever been to one of our brew nights, you know just the ones I’m talking about, they sat outside for a while and many of you asked, “why are these bottles sitting here?” So we moved them to the middle of the garage and they sat there, and then you asked “are you ever going to do anything with these bottles?” Well here ya go, we did something about it….rob washes bottlesThey are now clean but sitting in the middle of the garage again. We’ll see if they move before tomorrow night.



Jamie pours out beer

Don’t worry everyone, you’re good to go. Jamie and I were just doing a little tidying up before Wednesday night rolls around and decided to try some of the beer that has been sitting here since the spring. Somehow our Rye Pale Ale wound up kinda funky, probably had to do with the kegerator being unplugged to conserve energy. I had to close my eyes as Jamie poured out about 15 gallons of beer. Have no fear though, the brew lab is back up and running, ready to produce some high quality beers.  We do have about 7 gallons of stellar Wit bier that was hanging out in cold storage.


updates from the front line

Looks like it’s been a while since I posted anything… Blerg. Sorry! I guess the weather, short days, economy, and my receding hairline have really put a damper on the mood.

In discussion the past couple of weeks, we have figured out that brewing every other week is perfect for us and the tastings. The “in-between” weeks will be used for experimental brews when possible and catching up on LOST. (you think I’m joking…)

Anyway, I’m using this week to brew a different Pale recipe I’ve worked on a couple of days. It’s actually a Rye Pale that should be light and crisp with a subtle hop spice and plenty of aroma. If all goes according to plan, it may be a very good spring recipe that everyone of all beer tastes should enjoy. 

There’s no tasting this week but the following week will be good to go and we’ll be brewing the Belgian-style Wit! I promise I’ll try to post more (with pictures) and follow up on results for the Rye brew.

Until then enjoy these pictures of Rob and I doing some cleaning…



Monday Goings-On… Goings-on? Is that right?…

Not having to work on a Monday is pretty special… unless, of course, it means working… yup.

What I mean is that our BeerLab has looked like a small explosive device went off sending shrapnel of fittings, washers, and hoses to the far reaches of the house. Luckily, with Jamie cleaning on Sunday and with myself finishing up on Monday, everything looks like a GO for our Wednesday Night brew!


Illustration by Jamie

On another note, the three of us were also able to slip away from our busy schedules of washing and feeding each other to make the trek to visit our friends at Monday Night Brewery. The guys were brewing up their Scotch Ale and as always they were as hospitable as ever. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, DO! It’s a good time with good guys and good brew!