15th Annual Classic City Brew-Fest

Come one, come all. The 15th Annual Classic City Brew-Fest is on in Athens, GA on April 11th, 2010. What better way to try new beers and meet new people than in the heart of downtown Athens. All of your favorite local breweries will be attending plus many more! Buy your tickets early because only 750 will be sold.





Name that Brewery (or our brewery anyways)

I think most of you know by now that we hope to one day soon open a full scale production brewery in Kennesaw. But before we can do that we need a name, a real name that is. One that we can put on the door and on the bottles of beer and on the boxes and the caps and…I think you get the picture.

That’s where you come in. We need your help coming up with a name and we decided that we would throw a little contest to get you motivated. Send us your ideas and If we pick your name we will throw a beer party just for you and your friends. So come on, put on your thinking caps and don’t be scared to send us any and all of the creative BREWERY names you can come up with. Who knows, we just might pick yours.

Jamie & Rob

Oh yeah send your ideas here roblysse@gmail.com

Brewnight 12/02/09

We brewed it, y’all enjoyed it! For those of you thirsty to try seconds, come on out Wednesday night to sample our beers while we brew up another batch of most likely stout (TBD). We have a very small amount of our oatmeal stout left, so the earlier you show up the better. Also on tap we will have plenty of our Wit! Call if you get lost, need directions or someone to talk beer with… (678) 231-3171. See everyone Wednesday night!


It was the day before Thanksgiving

Last Wednesday night was off the heezy fo sheezy!  We had so many people show up to drink our awesome beer!  And drink our awesome beer you did, 7 kegs to be exact, Rob we need to brew more beer. There were lots of familiar faces in the crowd and lots of new ones too (shout out to James who brought his CrossFit crew). See picture below.  It was a little cool outside but two propane burners + one fire + hearty beer = soul warming happiness.  Amidst all of the socializing we were able to crank out 12 more gallons of our delicious new IPA.  Thanks again for coming and we will see you all real soon!

we uploaded all of the pictures to our facebook page so you can see them there.




Annual Day Before Thanksgiving Brewnight 11/25/09

Come join us at the brewery for our annual day before Thanksgiving Brewnight! We will be brewing up another batch of our IPA and possibly working on some other things. If you are still in town Wednesday night, please come join us and bring all of your friends and family. We have Oatmeal Stout, IPA, Oktoberfest, Wit and Rye P.A. all on tap! Call or email me if you need directions (678) 231-3171 / roblysse@gmail.com