Sunday Brewing Extravaganza

I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that this is the last weekend in October that we will be brewing, we will be picking things back up the second Sunday of November.  So if you need to get your fix, come on out to the Brewery tomorrow to enjoy some of our IPA and Pale Ale.  We will be brewing more of our popular Pale Ale as well as pitching the yeast for our first cider.  Send an email or call Jamie, Steve or myself if you don’t know how to get there.


An experiment in science

– Chris

Last Sunday was the first day we’ve pitched lager yeast into our brew. The brew? Our second go at an American Pale. I’ll take the word “ale” off the end, for the time being….see first sentence. The dog? That’s Roscoe, an extended-stay visitor. Anyway, the recipe for this round is very, very different from the one used last time, most notably including a little bit of “American Victory” malt for body and completely changing (and demystifying) the hop selection and schedule. Amarillo hops were used in place of two others; hopefully this will lead to a more balanced aroma and attractive aftertaste in the final product.

All that said, after the boil we separated the wort into two fermenters (this was a ten-gallon batch) and pitched some Pacific Ale yeast into one, and some White Labs San Francisco Lager yeast into the other. The latter should result in more of a California Common-style brew. The San Francisco yeast works well all the way up to about 65 degrees fermentation temperature, which is great for us, as we’ve discovered a certain corner in our basement that stays at about 64. So, we get to ferment both versions in the same room:

See how full they are?! That’s the result of careful planning not dragging the brew session out until 11pm. In fact, Jamie and I started brewing at 930am on Sunday…amazing! We decided to set up a bin for the blow-off tubes to empty into this time; a wise decision for avoiding a mess. Four days in, they’re still going strong, and we’re really looking forward to tasting the differences between the two. My hope is that the lagered brew will have a bit of summer crispness that our other ales have lacked. OG 1.044, if you’d like to know.

I do not know as of right now what we’re brewing this weekend…what they’re brewing this weekend. NEW YORK HERE I COME