[Technical stuff ahead]

– Chris

We’ve discovered a solution to our former IPA 2.0/yeast battle. According to a BBR interview with Bob Hansen of Briess that I heard earlier today, we just simply weren’t using enough yeast. Apparently a good rule of thumb aka math equation to keep in mind is to use (1) million yeast cells per (1) milliliter of wort per (1) degree Plato (4 gravity points) of attenuation desired. Crunch crunch crunch…on our IPA with an OG of 1.064 and a hopeful FG of 1.016, we need about twice the yeast we’ve been using in order to have a quicker start. Or a one-liter starter solution. Or a bunch of baker’s yeast, in a panic, two days in.

I promise the next post will be fun, because I’m gonna make someone else write it.


Update from the Front

– Chris

Results confirmed: our Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout clone tastes like Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout. Can’t compare the two side by side, as we pounded the remainder of ours last Sunday and Total Wine was sold out of the real thing until today. But now, as best I can tell, we were pretty right on, and probably would’ve been really right on if we were patient enough to let our batches condition for more than…a few days. 1/1 mimicry!

Time to shift, however, towards more of our own recipes. I ordered Ray Daniels’ book “Designing Great Beers” today, along with Randy Mosher’s “Radical Brewing“, and am ready to learn, learn, learn. Thanks are due to James Spencer and his excellent podcast, Basic Brewing Radio, for interviews with both authors that inspired the buy. Definitely check out the archives on Mr Spencer’s site if you’re getting into this hobby! They’ve helped us to no end.

Lastly, although we were scared that we had screwed up our IPA again, fermentation finally got underway this morning. It’s going strong now, so we’ve moved a blow-off tube from one of the ESB carboys to it. Wondering why it’s taking so long though…

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