what sayest thou your majesty?

Anheuser Bush's take on an American classic


Last weekend I was spending some well deserved time lying on the couch watching TV and I saw a commercial for the new Budweiser American Ale. I quickly found myself sitting upright and leaning in towards the screen so as not to miss a word. How could this be? I mean, we all know Budweiser has dabbled in craft brews for fear of losing market share. But they have never come outright and done something so bold as to launch an all out national campaign for an ale. Could it be that the old American Bud was too scared and unsure of itself? Or could it be the new cultured and understanding, worldly Bud headed up by InBev knows and understands what the people want?

Either way a Google search turned this up:

“The king of beers joins the peasants in the craft brew section. Budweiser American Ale ($7/6-pack) is a new American-Style ale with rich amber color and big flavor. It’s what microbrew ale would taste like if they had the billion dollar R&D department of Anheuser-Busch. Available now nationwide on draught, you’ll be able to buy it in bottles on the 29th. “ –uncrate.com

So how does it really taste? I haven’t tried it yet but Marc had one last night at TacMac and he said: “I mean…it’s…alright”.

We shall see.


We like having these things

– Chris

A few weeks ago I was made aware that Sweetwater had a brewpub installation at Hartsfield-Jackson airport. I decided to seek it out today, and after being tricked only once (first went to Sweet Georgia Brown’s Juke Joint, not the same thing) I ended up one concourse away from mine own, sipping a 20-oz pour of Sweetwater IPA, chatting with a fellow from—can’t remember where—about Canon SLRs. This then, if you know me, is pretty much my idea of a sort of paradise, or renaissance, or something. I have to admit, I kind of purposefully arrived early for my flight to the NYC in order to do this. The point is: it’s worth it! I mean, what a great idea to station an exclusive outlet for your microbrews in the busiest airport in the world! Great but not too cheap to implement, I reckon. Makes me glad, for a moment or two, that I have such a fine brewery right in the neighborhood, relative-geographically speaking. There should be more of these. Hmmm, maybe we’ll start one.

Sadly, Airtran doesn’t see the value of supporting local business quite as much, as I’ve been relegated to A-B and Heineken products on my flight, which means I’ve actually been relegated to Tanqueray and tonic, which means that I apologize in advance for any and all run-on sentences, fragments, loss of your interest, etc. But hey, it’s got me thinking about beer, which means that you have something to read about. How did I post this from the plane?? I have a flux capacitor. More soon from north of the Mason-Dixon.