I’m pretty sure something… yep, something just froze and fell off

I go down to Florida for a couple of days and this is what I get when I come back. Good googalamoogalie it’s cold! Which gives me a great idea for the holiday season…brewing up a lovely, smooth, and subtly warming seasostoutnal oatmeal stout. We have not brewed this particular beer since last year and are looking foward to brewing it tomorrow night and having it ready for any pending Christmas/New Years parties.

We have a couple of goals we would love to accomplish in this beer; Give a heavier and creamy mouthfeel, a rounded roasted barley character, and a very smooth and lingering finish surrounded by sublte coffee aromas. We’ll age 4-5 weeks  and lightly carbonate, keeping close to the British Ale tradition of lower carbonation. This will accentuate the desired flavors in the beer rather than be masked by a spritzy fizz.

Enough of my rambling about a beer that won’t be ready for a month. We have beer to drink now! Beer tastings are every Wednesday as we brew, and I will brag that last Wednesday was incredible thanks to our friends. Come out and join us because a good beer is better with friends and tales never lose in the telling!


Hello there…

If this is your first visit to the brewdudes site, let me be the first to say welcome.  Don’t be shy,  poke around, read the posts and leave us comments.  To our loyal readers (we’ve been here almost a year now) we decided to re-give this welcome speech because our visits have SPIKED here lately thanks to a new facebook group  we created a few days ago to spread the word about craft beer in Kennesaw, Georgia (ours mainly) and our vision of opening a brewery here!

OK. Here’s the skinny.  We are three guys from Kennesaw who came up with an idea several years ago to open a microbrewery and bring more great craft beer to Georgia. Last year we decided that we would start brewing said craft beer on a weekly basis to generate some buzz and hone our brewing skills.  After all, we needed something to do while we are waiting on the full scale brewery to open.  This site will keep everyone up to date on the happenings around our test brewery (the brewery at 592); everything from Beer tastings, parties and new recipes, to naming the brewery and the beers all will be posted here.  Again, thanks for visiting, check back often, and leave us some comments, we really want to know what you think!