Wednesday Evening


And, yes, that IS nothing but a ball of wasabi... hey man, I'm kickass

We had great time with everyone who showed up last night for the tasting. The invite was very much last minute and we thought no one would show– so, like any right- minded person (or left-minded in my case) who invited people over would do, we left and went to eat sushi– only to return to the house as people started to arrive. To much supprise we managed to draw an awesome crowd and kill a couple of the Corneys in the process. 

Also, special thanks to a new-found-brewer friend ITP (inside the perimeter) Jamie, who, in spite of an Andrew Bird concert, ventured up to marietta to check out our brews.  Jamie and his brewing counterpart Ben can be found here: Its not about the Beer.  Can’t wait to try the brew from East Atlanta!

If the weather cooperates, we will try our damnedest to have another tasting next week. Updates to follow. Cheers!


An Early Birthday Present to Myself

…and Jamie and Rob.

YES! And it’s just that! Look at these bad boys… 

Aren’t they beautiful? Direct from SABCO Industries, these little gems arrived last week. And consequently we have plunged ourselves further into this financial black hole of brewing. I believe the adage goes, “Give a man a beer, waste a day. Teach a man to brew, waste a lifetime…” With that said, I believe we’re well on our way to reaching that goal.

As far as function, these will greatly improve the ease and efficiency with which we ferment. No more carboys, no more transferring, easier yeast harvesting, no more airlock explosions causing crusty, brownish yeast shrapnel on the ceiling.

To say the least I’m ecstatic, and can’t wait to see awesome results from the new equipment. Come by the house/brewery Sunday and get your picture taken with them!

Another Saturday Night…


Yup. Sunday morning proved rough for a second week in a row (hence the reason for Sundays post being posted today). They say misery loves company so Sunday, to accompany me was Jamie, who was curled up in the fetal position next to me, and Rob who wasn’t feeling so good either. I tried to nurse them back with Revive Vitamin Water…it was Brutal.

Anyway, I manned-up and rousted the two so we could start brewing our Indie Pale Ale, an American style pale. We originally brewed this recipe as an IPA, but numerous reviews and updated style guidelines convinced us to simply decrease some hoppiness and call it an American Pale.

Brewing proved easy and relaxed with a sixty minute mash and boil. We expect a crisp, light, biscuity brew with floral hop notes in the finish.

Also, by this weekend our Six Wheat Under Belgian Wit should be ready for consumption.

New Brew from who? The Brewdudes crew that’s who! Phew, when I thought those few were through I was blue, but whoo hoo! they are cool like morning dew!


Words cannot describe how excited I was and AM to get back to brewing! I’ve missed it a ridiculous amount, and it hasn’t even been THAT long. The caressing scent of warm mash, StarSan dripping off everything, alpha acids tickling my very soul! My nostalgia just kicks in and I become all teary-eyed. Listen to me! I sound like a school girl again! A school girl that wants to make sweet sweet beer… So yeah, yesterday was a gorgeous Georgia day, and one definitely fantastic for brewing. 

We decided to brew our wildly popular BelgianWit: Six Wheat Under. This brew is a hazy Belgian wheat beer quite golden in color, yet crisp, light, and soft on the palette. It has scents of banana and clove, and finishes with a lovely, acidic orange tone. It is slightly more carbonated than other brews, but that’s in part what makes it so crisp and refreshing.

It was the second batch we ever brewed of this beer that turned out best. Jamie and I brewed it back in April and entered it into an Alpharetta brewing contest along with several other brews. We received the best comments and feedback on that particular brew, and we love it ourselves.

Using our brand new BeerLab, we set about getting accustomed to brewing on the side of the house and using the garage. I can honestly say it was Ausgescheichnet! Wunderbar! and whatever other German exclamatory I can attempt to spell. Seriously though, it makes brewing, moving, cleaning, etc. all the easier and I love it.

using an ice bath to cool the wort

Overall, we managed and gauged our temps, gravity readings, and levels very well. I think we’ll have outstanding results and can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Unfortunately, we are still having to use carboys for fermenting but hopefully these are the final weeks we’ll have to do that FOREVER! (you’ll find out what I’m talking about in an upcoming post) Carboys suck so bad… 

It’s still a little warm in Georgia for optimal fermentation temps, so we have the AC cranking right next to our babies. If we can keep it around 68-69 we’ll have good results and not have to worry about the problems we were having earlier in the summer.

Remember, we are still brainstorming over a brewery name (at least one a tad bit more functional than 592 or Brewdudes). If you have any ideas, toss a few thisaway and let us know what you think!

Happy brews!

We like our moms

– Chris

Mother’s Day happens tomorrow. So does brewing, I think. We were off last week and other than transferring a lot of beer around, waiting for it to force carbonate, and whittling down the major problems in the past few batches to our yeast strains (which have all been thrown out now and will be replaced with “fresh”, read untainted, yeast), there hasn’t honestly been a lot going on that’s very beer-related.  Even our mash-cot is getting a little lazy:

So, I bought enough stuff to do a try-again 5 gallon batch of Poztulator Wit yesterday, “just” 5 gallons to test the waters and make sure there’s nothing else in our brew process that requires immediate attention. Hoping we get to brew it this weekend. Moms come first tomorrow though, so we’ll see if we end up having time. We ought to be back on the wagon next week though, and most likely will be working with a brand-new pale ale recipe. We’ll keep you posted!