Wednesday Night Brewing Success! (sans beer)

Brew Night 09-09-09

The weather held out and we were able to brew up our new and improved IPA. Our new recipe has over 30 pounds of grain and close to a pound of hops. This one should be a drastic difference from our old recipe. Even with a massive grain bill stacked against us, we were able to do the impossible and not boil over despite having 14.84 gallons of wort in the kettle… and we have proof.


Thanks to Neal and his gang for coming out in support and bringing his refractometer to test out. I have to say though, you can’t go wrong with the trusty hydrometer… I would also like to thank Tyler for stepping up to the plate and purchasing a case of finely crafted ales for us to try from Total Wine.





For those of you who have been out of the loop, we grew our very own hops this year! We planted three varieties in the garden but unfortunately forgot to label which plant was what, let alone what we actually planted. So until we figure it all out, we will refer to the plants as Hop Plant 1, 2, & 3. While none of the plants were technically supposed to produce hops, Hop Plant 1 yielded about 3 oz. of freshly grown hoppy goodness.

So as you can see from the pictures, I was very excited that we are even closer to brewing a beer with only locally harvested ingredients. So far we have the hops and the water, now all we need is to grow our own yeast and malt. Also, let me just clarify that our water is NOT city water. We brew with the finest water in town from a natural spring in the North Georgia Mountains. Jamie has gladly provided us with his awesome water from Fontis Water. If you’ve never heard of it, I suggest you check it out and try some for yourself.