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– Chris

Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to get a post in before the end of the month, if for nothing else than to prove to you all that I still own a computer.

We’ve been a little light on beer-making lately, and even lighter on time, and I know that many of you are supremely disappointed to hear that (I check them blog stats and it appears that many of you still have held out hope!), but here’s a little re-cap of the last few weeks:

Two point five weeks ago (Mother’s Day weekend): no brewing that Sunday. We got busy with family stuff; hey, who can blame us. We DID however get fired up and decided to brew on Monday. That 5-gallon lot of Poztulator Wit came along quite well and is ready for bottling….now.

One point five weeks ago was brew day for our brand-new, ’08, ten-gallon, pale ale recipe. I personally am excited about its prospects. I think Steve is too. Actually I know he is; it’s his new baby. I was not excited about the prospects of our ten gallons of Mystery Witbier, as it definitely was contaminated with bad yeast devils. Thusly, our first pour-out of TEN GALLONS of beer occurred last week. I wept.

Last weekend was Charleston Wedding Leisure Explosion, so pretty much everybody was out of town, living it up with our newlywed friends Jeremy and Kristin Hall:

Part of that living it up did include a few cases of homebrew! Everyone who tried it (Indie Pale Ale, Cali Lagerithm, Stevie Money Honey) seemed to enjoy what they were trying, and not even just ’cause we’re all friends, which is great news. Only can improve from here!


The newbie

– Chris

Amongst a massive relocation of beer that took place earlier this week, our American Pale Ale found its way into a keg. It’s not fully carbonated quite yet, but the initial taste is….not what I expected. I actually expected “bad”, but got instead “good”! Why? Well, primarily because I didn’t know what I was doing when I came up with the recipe, aside from knowing that I was using up all the leftover hops in the fridge. The hop hodgepodge created a much more complex taste than I expected, almost like a (duh Chris?) lighter, less bitter version of our IndiE Pale. It’s very dry, again not as planned, but that probably has something to do with our super-duty yeast strains of late. FG of 1.007, 4.5% ABV. So yeah, it definitely fits the style of other American Pales, and my hopes are to be this successful again on the ten gallon run coming up in a couple of weeks! Oh, and I’ll have to report back when it’s, you know, carbonated and cold.