Back to Basics, the Old Peculier way

– Chris

Upon Jamie and Steve’s absence this weekend (and Eileen’s yesterday), in addition to some really nasty weather, I decided to revisit our roots a bit.  Not our roots as in doing nothing on a Sunday, but rather doing a simple batch of beer on the stove with standard kitchen equipment.  Me and some other regulars, Mac and Garrett, settled on an Old Peculier-ish malt extract recipe and got at it, but not before we put some of our IPA 2.0 to the test:


This is the coolest thing EVAR.  You can keep a nice little supply of your favorite drink, whatever that may be, on tap in your golf bag, or in our kitchen, and then all over Garrett’s shirt.  The IPA displayed a vast improvement from a week ago, with a much more mellow (but nice and fruity) aftertaste, along with what I’d consider to be just the right amount of carbonation.  I’ll be interested to see how much our next batch, which is in the secondary as we speak, has improved over this one…sans baker’s yeast.


The brew day was so short! Three hours start to finish, and a lot of that was spent changing out pots and waiting a really long time for the stove to bring the wort to a boil.  This is about half the time we’re usually investing on a Sunday on a five-gallon run.  I wasn’t working alone though, and thanks are due to Garrett, Marc, Whitney, and Dave for helping out, and then cooking dinner.  That’s Dave in the last picture.  As for the finished product, well, I’m sitting next to it right now in the office and it’s just starting to bubble.  Give us three weeks and we’ll know if our latest foray into malt extract rivals our fancy all-grain runs…

Oh yeah, and I should report that Saturday we successfully kegged and bottled our ESB from two weeks ago (a ten gallon batch split evenly between the two; 1.010 FG, right on the money), along with racking last week’s Hefewiezen and Witbeer to secondary fermenters…and I only broke one carboy in the process!  Apparently that’s our m.o. these days.

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