– Chris

We bought some malto-dextrose along with our last grain purchase to aid in head retention in our beer. We’ve been using about two ounces in each boil, along with the regular whirlfloc tablets. It seems to be doing this too:


That’s a picture of the spent plug hops resting at the bottom of our kettle. We’ve been able to drain the kettle, pretty much without a screen or filter, and have gotten extremely clear (at least for us) wort going into the fermenter. It’s never been this easy before. So, does the malto-dextrose also aid with this settling effect, or are we just lucky/getting better at things? Is Steve’s shirt as cool as he thinks it is? Anyone? We’re going with “yes” for now, but you can pick which question we’re answering.

However, we’ve seen sparges like this lately:


This is after a thorough setting of the grain bed. It seems to start happening about a third of the way through the sparge. Why? Not sure, but it’s been consistent in the last three batches. We use the filter-funnel as a backup anyway, but it’s become necessary lately. Huh.

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