What Better Way to Spend Humpdays?!


Okay, so Rob was actually on to something when he got trigger-happy and announced a new-and-improved brew day for us each week. After countless hours, thousands of pages worth of market research, and tons of exit polls from the recent election we’ve concluded that more folks are able to hang out on “Humpdays” (Wednesday referring to getting over the hump in the middle of the week) rather than on Sundays… Apparently, most everyone is either prepping for the upcoming week, has plans, or is simply still recovering from the night before and has zero desire at all to think about beer, much less drink the heavenly beverage.

So I shall now decree without further ado that Wednesday shall now beith the greatest brewith day in the land, so that all men, women, and childr- wait… all men and women may partakeith in our gracious, affluent, and FREE beer!

Okay but for real yall, we will be brewing each Wednesday starting this coming November 12th and hope to continue each week subsequent. This is where you, our friends, come into play. We have limited keg space to hold our finished beer so we have to drink what’s there in order to keg the next batch! 

In other words: Help Us Drink Beer! Hooray Beer!

You can contact any of us thru the FaceSpace or Blog, by email, or by tin can phones. We would love your support, feedback, and opinions!


Hello there…

If this is your first visit to the brewdudes site, let me be the first to say welcome.  Don’t be shy,  poke around, read the posts and leave us comments.  To our loyal readers (we’ve been here almost a year now) we decided to re-give this welcome speech because our visits have SPIKED here lately thanks to a new facebook group  we created a few days ago to spread the word about craft beer in Kennesaw, Georgia (ours mainly) and our vision of opening a brewery here!

OK. Here’s the skinny.  We are three guys from Kennesaw who came up with an idea several years ago to open a microbrewery and bring more great craft beer to Georgia. Last year we decided that we would start brewing said craft beer on a weekly basis to generate some buzz and hone our brewing skills.  After all, we needed something to do while we are waiting on the full scale brewery to open.  This site will keep everyone up to date on the happenings around our test brewery (the brewery at 592); everything from Beer tastings, parties and new recipes, to naming the brewery and the beers all will be posted here.  Again, thanks for visiting, check back often, and leave us some comments, we really want to know what you think!