I can remember stuff now

– Chris

Apologies for the lack of posting lately. It took a bit longer than expected to recover from my bachelor party weekend in the NYC; my brain is starting to work again just now. How did I get in such a state? This, for starters:

Some of the boys on this man-trip of manliness at McSorley’s, the oldest continuously operating bar in the US. Their legendary “light or dark” ale is brewed by Pabst, and I have to admit, tastes pretty darn good after oh, i dunno, three rounds. It continues to taste good until you get all the way to 13 rounds, which I think is where we stopped. Really though, I’ve been to McSorley’s a few times before and I’ll say that they’ve got a very decent product for offer. From there:

Brooklyn Brewery. There was stuff in between, yes, but it’s more gin-related than beer-related. I think Jamie’s posted about his and Steve’s tour of Brooklyn Brewery before, so I won’t go into terrible detail, but it was pretty great to see it first hand. What was even greater is that you can walk out of the brewery with a freshly-purchased case of their beer! We couldn’t dream of that in Georgia…which reminds me to mention that maybe predictably, the law to end Georgia’s prohibition on Sunday sales has been held up, again, for another year.  Blah, for now.




One night a few weeks ago, Mark and I were on the phone talking about beer and he told me about a little discovery he made shortly after moving to Brooklyn. We went there yestereday and it was awesome. It’s called BierKraft.


I pulled the following directly from their website:

“Our collection of over 900 beers has been lovingly assembled by our handsome cellar manager, Timothy Ensor, and features brews from Brazil (Xingu), Harlem (Sugar Hill), Japan (Hitachino) and everywhere that makes great beers. Bierkraft carries over 250 Belgian beers and a thirst-quenching assortment of American microbrews in addition to an array of international ales, lagers, porters, stouts, APAs, IPAs, Double IPAs, lambics and every beer style in between. In addition to our stupendous assortment of bottled beers, we also feature 9 fresh beers on tap, available in our signature Bierkraft growler.”


Yes Chris, they do sell ALL the beers that are not allowed in Georgia including the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. Wish you were here!

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