Monday Goings-On… Goings-on? Is that right?…

Not having to work on a Monday is pretty special… unless, of course, it means working… yup.

What I mean is that our BeerLab has looked like a small explosive device went off sending shrapnel of fittings, washers, and hoses to the far reaches of the house. Luckily, with Jamie cleaning on Sunday and with myself finishing up on Monday, everything looks like a GO for our Wednesday Night brew!


Illustration by Jamie

On another note, the three of us were also able to slip away from our busy schedules of washing and feeding each other to make the trek to visit our friends at Monday Night Brewery. The guys were brewing up their Scotch Ale and as always they were as hospitable as ever. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, DO! It’s a good time with good guys and good brew!


Whoa Cowboy!

It seems our new recruit got a little trigger happy and shot off a few emails and post prematurely.  If you received that last post via RSS just disregard it.  If you came here looking for updates because of the face book page or a message you received, the brewery/basement is closed to visitors for the remainder of the month.  We are however working a few things and will have some big news coming for November!