Rye Update

OH YEAH! About the Rye brewing last Wednesday. Everything went pretty well. I will say, it is A LOT more work by yourself. And a lot heavier when lifting things… I did hit all my mash temps though, produced a beautiful golden/copper color, and it smelled great the other day when I checked on it fermenting.

The only things that went poorly were 1: getting the wort from the kettle to the carboy. Pellets make it tough, man. I ended up having use the racking cane and consequently sucked up more trub than I wanted. It settled out nicely though. I think I can clear it off the top. And 2: the boil-off was more extreme than I predicted. Almost 2 gallons in an hour. I guess you gotta learn from doing and from your particular equipment what affects what and revise it in the recipe. 

Regardless, I was actually extremely pleased and more confident after the brew. Even the numbers were very close, which has not been a big concern to me until recently. But I found a happy medium between the Art and the Science of brewing and I feel like I opened a new door of experience with this brew!


Sunday Brewing Extravaganza

I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that this is the last weekend in October that we will be brewing, we will be picking things back up the second Sunday of November.  So if you need to get your fix, come on out to the Brewery tomorrow to enjoy some of our IPA and Pale Ale.  We will be brewing more of our popular Pale Ale as well as pitching the yeast for our first cider.  Send an email or call Jamie, Steve or myself if you don’t know how to get there.

[New Post]

– Chris

Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to get a post in before the end of the month, if for nothing else than to prove to you all that I still own a computer.

We’ve been a little light on beer-making lately, and even lighter on time, and I know that many of you are supremely disappointed to hear that (I check them blog stats and it appears that many of you still have held out hope!), but here’s a little re-cap of the last few weeks:

Two point five weeks ago (Mother’s Day weekend): no brewing that Sunday. We got busy with family stuff; hey, who can blame us. We DID however get fired up and decided to brew on Monday. That 5-gallon lot of Poztulator Wit came along quite well and is ready for bottling….now.

One point five weeks ago was brew day for our brand-new, ’08, ten-gallon, pale ale recipe. I personally am excited about its prospects. I think Steve is too. Actually I know he is; it’s his new baby. I was not excited about the prospects of our ten gallons of Mystery Witbier, as it definitely was contaminated with bad yeast devils. Thusly, our first pour-out of TEN GALLONS of beer occurred last week. I wept.

Last weekend was Charleston Wedding Leisure Explosion, so pretty much everybody was out of town, living it up with our newlywed friends Jeremy and Kristin Hall:

Part of that living it up did include a few cases of homebrew! Everyone who tried it (Indie Pale Ale, Cali Lagerithm, Stevie Money Honey) seemed to enjoy what they were trying, and not even just ’cause we’re all friends, which is great news. Only can improve from here!

A day off

– Chris

This might not be what you were looking forward to reading, but we’ve decided to take tomorrow off from brewing.  Brewing, at least….we’ve got 20 gallons of beer to bottle (10 steve brown ale/10 american pale), 20 to keg (10 Poztulator Wit/10 Peach Wit), and 10 to transfer into secondary (ESB).  So we’ve got our work cut out for us anyway.  Anyway:

Our pale ale is very pale indeed.  I think I mentioned earlier that we were scrapping the recipe, and while this version is definitely drinkable, I must admit it’s a bit boring.  It’s like the closest thing to Bud Light that we’ve made, and that wasn’t exactly intentional.  Steve Brown Ale, on the other hand, is showing signs of progress.  Very smooth, with a nice honey sweetness at the end.  It’s a beer with a pretty heavy mouthfeel, my guess mostly owing to the honey content, and it’s not fully carbonated yet (the corny keg that it’s in is a bit leaky around the rubber seals) but I think once it’s nice and bubbly it’ll have the right balance.

Weekday #3

– Chris

Can’t wait for later today. Super nice weather and lots of beer to transfer! We kegged five gallons of ESB last night to carbonate before it receives the beer gun treatment, and we’ll be kegging the other five to have on tap this afternoon…we got an FG of 1.012 with an ABV of 4.2% out of this cranked-up recipe, and it tastes great! Very clear, with a definite increase in body over the last run, and a clean finish…and that’s flat and at room temperature! I’m excited to taste it again later today. The ESB is gonna be good and is gonna go fast, so come on over on Sunday and get a taste while you can! Actually, it’s not going to go quite so fast, because:

Eileen leaves us today for three weeks. She’s going to visit her homeland, the UK. She’s promised to be our foreign correspondent whilst abroad, so we’ll see…maybe British computers are hip enough to write stuff for us, because the ones around here aren’t.

Um, otherwise, we’ll also transfer the ten gallons of IPA into secondary and do some cleaning on our kegerator today, and I think we’ll work a little on putting together a refined recipe for our American Pale, which will be brewed this coming Sunday. Until next time…