We like our moms

– Chris

Mother’s Day happens tomorrow. So does brewing, I think. We were off last week and other than transferring a lot of beer around, waiting for it to force carbonate, and whittling down the major problems in the past few batches to our yeast strains (which have all been thrown out now and will be replaced with “fresh”, read untainted, yeast), there hasn’t honestly been a lot going on that’s very beer-related.  Even our mash-cot is getting a little lazy:

So, I bought enough stuff to do a try-again 5 gallon batch of Poztulator Wit yesterday, “just” 5 gallons to test the waters and make sure there’s nothing else in our brew process that requires immediate attention. Hoping we get to brew it this weekend. Moms come first tomorrow though, so we’ll see if we end up having time. We ought to be back on the wagon next week though, and most likely will be working with a brand-new pale ale recipe. We’ll keep you posted!


Oh good. Now this is happening

– Chris

Tomorrow is going to be our first TWENTY GALLON brew day, ever. Twenty gallons of Blue Star Witbier, aka Poztulator, to be exact. The question is how we’re going to brew 20 gallons at once when we only have 15-gallon vessels, but Steve and I think we’ve got a way around that…numbers, who needs ’em. Actually, I think that this problem directly corresponds to the one from Die Hard With a Vengeance, you know, the one with the water jugs in the park. Except there’s not a bomb to diffuse. And, we turn the water into beer. Simon Says it’s a miracle!

Jamie has a reason for us doing this, but I really couldn’t tell you what it is. Let’s see what happens.