St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

This is pretty much a copy and paste post.

We have been waiting all year for St. Patrick’s Day and this year it happens to fall on a Wednesday; the planets must be aligned.

We will have plenty of Irish Food, Beer and Music and we are getting started early, so you can still come by even if you have other St. Patty’s Day plans.

Hope to see everyone next Wednesday night. And as always bring a friend or two!



Post pre-St. Patrick’s Day aftermath

– Chris

We brew on Sundays. This one was no different, except we decided to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day festivities into the brew day, and my my what an adventure! This past Sunday was beautiful, and we got going at about 10am; our feast of corned beef, colcannon, soda bread, and of course Guinness was excellent. We had about 20 people in and out of the house, including some new faces, all the while brewing up ten gallons of IPA 2.1.1, as it were, and I’d even go so far as to say that it eclipsed Brewperbowl ’08. I think we managed to make a couple more true believers, at least as much as our (his) Steve Ale is concerned. Steve Ale was responsible for this:


But I feel like he strikes that pose a lot, and I don’t know what he’s showing you in this one. Steve Ale was not, however, responsible for this:



That would be thanks to a little flip cup with Sweetwater 420. These are the only shirts Marc owns. But this:


What St. Pat’s party wouldn’t have whiskey? Or Whitney, for that matter? Even though we didn’t have Irish whiskey…you’ll notice I’m very much absent from the photos; you can figure out why. I will say that St. Patrick’s Day itself, for me at least, did not involve any beer, meat, or really motivation to do anything. But we’ve got ten more gallons of our most popular brew ready to go in a couple of weeks now, and no more hangover!