Jamie pours out beer

Don’t worry everyone, you’re good to go. Jamie and I were just doing a little tidying up before Wednesday night rolls around and decided to try some of the beer that has been sitting here since the spring. Somehow our Rye Pale Ale wound up kinda funky, probably had to do with the kegerator being unplugged to conserve energy. I had to close my eyes as Jamie poured out about 15 gallons of beer. Have no fear though, the brew lab is back up and running, ready to produce some high quality beers.  We do have about 7 gallons of stellar Wit bier that was hanging out in cold storage.




– Chris

Saturday’s party was a nice change of pace…we had a bit of a different crowd over than usual, which meant new folks to try our beer! And did they like it? Yes, they did. So much so that we got a wedding request:


That’s Brad and Candace, and they’re getting married in October. They need enough beer on tap for 300 people…about 100 gallons!…and they asked us to brew it. Our plan probably is gonna be to brew up two recipes, a wheat beer and something else–maybe something more festive for the season.

As for the status of our other brews, the oatmeal stout is delicious this time around. Silky smooth with a coffee finish. Absolutely. The ESB? Well, apparently I hadn’t done a very good job of carbonating it in the keg; it was still kind of flat. But we’ll fix that today, or more likely, tomorrow, along with some other transferring and kegging and whatnot.

Why the delay, you ask? Because tonight is opening night in the ATL for the Braves! Squaring off against the Pirates, and Glavine’s back in town, starting for us! This equals a) attempting to beat traffic by leaving for the game at four o’clock but probably sitting in it anyway, b) tailgating in a parking lot that is really far from the stadium probably, and c) the stadium being ridiculously crowded. It also means a night of Anheuser-Busch lager beer in the park, but hey, I can dig it. Not gonna lie…a Bud Heavy pairs really well with this much America.

2nd quarter outlook

– Chris


Spring is officially here, yesterday!  And so, longer days and warm weather are going to equal increased demand. I think we wrote earlier about our decision to move up to only ten-gallon batches from here on out, as we seem to still fly through even that amount, I can’t see five really being a viable batch size anymore. That said, we’re going to start cycling through our recipes on a weekly basis, hoping to tweak each one as we go along. Two weeks ago was our second rendition of ESB, last weekend was the IPA 2.1.1 (that’s IndiE Pale Ale, well, at least I’m calling it that…I like the idea of a Polaroid photo on the label), this weekend will be another round of wheat beer (the final recipe is TBD), and the week after we’ll another go at the American pale ale. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for the month of April, maybe including a new style for us, but definitely including not being around for a weekend or so. There are many more good things ahead, ten gallons at a time…promise!